• How do I know what lace best fits me?
    1. Lightskin to white skin:  HD or Transparent lace
    2. Caramel:  HD or transparent lace, but please be advised if you are dark caramel, HD lace will give you the best results 
    3. Darkskin to Deep Dark: HD lace 
  • Do you have wigs on hand?
  • Please check under the “Ready to ship” Tab

  • What is my wig size?
  • Please note Default wig size is MEDIUM. Please select the desired size when ordering

  • How long is shipping?
  • Processing takes 5-12 business days for your order to be shipped out. And 3-5 business days for shipping. International shipping is 5-7 business days, depending on your location

  • Can I pay for express shipping?
  • Please do not wait last minute to purchase hair, we do NOT offer express shipping


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