•  High maintenance Platinum Blonde hair (#613)

Please be advised anytime you bleach the #613 hair that is now more fragile and easier to break off due to broken hair bonds. Please take good care of your hair after bleaching. We recommend washing hair with hydrating Argan shampoo and conditioner (of your choice). You can also use Argan oil after every wash for hydration. You can wash your hair as often as you like, although please avoid over-shampooing hair

  • How to maintain hair quality

Treat this hair like it is your own, use quality Argan shampoo and conditioner, and condition after installs to keep hair manageable and soft. Please hydrate hair by using hydrating argan oil. Keeping your hair clean is vital in the longevity of your extensions. Please avoid using heavy styling products such as gel, spritz, and setting foam on hair, most importantly on curly textured hair. We advise you to also deep condition hair between install if styled with spritz, hair hold mouse, etc.

  • Best way to detangle hair when washing

We advise you to only detangle hair with conditioner or deep conditioner after wetting hair with lukewarm water. Using a wide-tooth comb or brush, start the detangling process from the ends to keep the pressure off the weft area. Please avoid using small-tooth combs because they can snag and pull on hair which can cause unnecessary shedding and can create bald spots in lace.

  • How to maintain Curly hair

Curly hair is one of the most popular hair textures in the hair industry due to its versatility and easy maintenance. We recommend wet hair with lukewarm water, applying a leave-in conditioner, bringing out curls using curl activating cream (Detangle if needed). This allows the curls to pop and look the same all day and prevents hair from becoming frizzy. You can also use a little Argan Oil for hydration. NEVER detangle when hair is dry to avoid shedding and to maintain minimal hair loss. Please avoid using heavy styling products such as gel, spritz, and setting foam on hair. 

  •  Styling

Please keep in mind our units and extensions are 100% human hair, so when using heat such as flat iron, blow-dry, and curling, we advise you to use heat protectant just like you would do on your natural hair to avoid heat damage. It allows the hair quality to stay the same and prevents hair from shedding. Please do not exceed 450F when using heat.

  • Tips before bed

If you have textures such as straight, body wave, and loose wave, we recommend combing hair out with a wide-tooth comb, then wrapping hair and applying a satin bonnet and scarf to avoid frizziness and hair bump in texture. If you have curly and deep wave textures, we recommend braiding your hair in four plaits then adding a satin bonnet and scarf to avoid tangling and knotting. Please do NOT go to sleep with wet hair, resulting in hair matting and making it extremely difficult to detangle.

  • Tips for the morning

We recommend combing hair every morning and using lukewarm water and a leave-in conditioner (if needed) for curly and deep wave textures.

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